PATRONS WANTED – A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY! A campaign that supports local artists.

A campaign that supports local artists. A revitalization project for Maison Otis. Artwork from dozens of artists on exhibit and showcased. Contribute to this unique artistic movement in Baie-Saint-Paul.

Take part in creating a fantastic art collection for display at Maison Otis!

1 goal: $10,000
$ 4 800 raised so far

On behalf of all the artists, 25,000 times thank you!


Patron wanted

Baie-Saint-Paul is a colourful and diverse area that embraces the many travellers who come to discover its myriad attractions and artistic offerings. Whether for business or pleasure, visitors of all kinds want to enjoy themselves and discover the gems of our region.

Located in downtown Baie-Saint-Paul on Saint Jean-Baptiste Street, historic Maison Otis was built in 1836 and converted into an inn in the 1970s. From the moment it opened, it became one of the region’s top-rated establishments for both its accommodations and its restaurant.

Maison Otis is truly one of Baie-Saint-Paul’s treasures. It was purchased in 2017 by Louis Chapdeleine who invested $2 million to completely renovate the home and restore it to its original glory.

The renovation project will result in 25 high-quality units (20 suits and apartments) and commercial space available for long-term lease for restaurants, a performance hall, and a bar lounge. It will also include a main dining room with 46 seats and a private area with 18 additional seats. During the summer, a terrace can be added for a total of 60 seats. A large professional kitchen was also added. And finally, parking spots will be available for clients.

Furthermore, we are pursuing our mission to properly remunerate artists who will help decorate Maison Otis. Too often, artists are asked to lend or donate their pieces or even sell their artwork on consignment in the hope of receiving an income. The same thing goes for musicians. We believe that a tip jar near a scene is not a sufficient way to compensate them. Maison Otis wants to become a prestigious venue for artists.

Located on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street, the city’s main artery with numerous art galleries, Maison Otis needs to stand out and ensure continuity while providing timeless art that showcases local talent!

It’s important to mention that 100% of the amount raised will go directly to artists.

The ongoing project will cost the hotel owners $50,000 and $15,000 has already been distributed. The artwork purchased will be permanently on display in various areas of the hotel. Performance halls will also be available to ensure live musical performances.

The first in a number of works carried out will be the transformation of our grand piano by Cynthia Coulombe, the refurbishment of our stairwell leading to the suites, our glass windows and interactive timeline, and the restoration of our famous fountain. We would also like to record musical performances to produce compilations exclusive to Maison Otis and provide local artists with permanent residence. Our goal is to provide a way to harmoniously combine the worlds of music and visual arts.

Online soon: we are currently building a website where guests can book their reservations online. It will also serve as a window into the activities of the CAB (cabaret de la Maison Otis), the restaurant, the live performances at Corp.o (Mason Otis’ bar lounge), the foodie boutique, and the spa (massage therapy centre).

Maison Otis is scheduled to reopen its doors on December 1, 2018.

For more information and to visit the site, please contact Martyne Huot at (514) 945-1799.

[email protected]

Thank you on behalf of our artists

A dazzling success for Maison Otis’ first “Ô nom des artistes” event.

During Le Festif! de Baie-Saint-Paul weekend, Maison Otis held its first fundraising event to financially support the visual artists and musicians who will offer outstanding performances at its upcoming reopening.

Festif! attendees, tourists, and residents of Baie-Saint-Paul all appreciated the sangria provided by our team throughout the hot weekend!



The owners of Maison Otis decided to build a sangria bar for several reasons:

  • By not serving beer, they were not competing with nearby restaurants.
  • It was an opportunity to showcase exclusive sangria recipes by the mixologists at Maison Otis.
  • It was a way to provide refreshments at an affordable price.
  • It was a way to showcase the summer vibrancy of the city during Le Festif!  de Baie-Saint-Paul.

A huge success!

Thank you to the Maison Otis and Sommets Charlevoix teams who Kindly volunteered their time throughout the weekend.

Watch a video of the event

Visitors really appreciated the performances by our musicians:  Joel Thibault – saxophone, Clément Robichaud – piano, Laura Doyon – saxophone, Vincent Bouchard – bass.

The waiters, bartender, and our young volunteers proudly wore jerseys to announce the official opening of Maison Otis scheduled for December 2018.

The Crowd Bar & Flair team entertained the crowds on the terrace during the weekend.

Watch the Crowd Bar &Flair team in action!

The proceeds raised will be used to hire musicians for the upcoming opening of the Maison Otis and an amount will be donated to the Festif! organization to help them pursue their projects!

Celebrate the Festif with Us!

Sangria on the Terrace
Mixology & Bartender’s Flair Show
Live Music
Live Artwork by our Artists:

  • Marie Catherine Peloquin
  • Daniel Victor
  • Élodie (young prodigy)
  • Patrick Lauzon

Be Part of the Happening on July 20th, 21st and 22nd!

Immortalize your passage at Baie-Saint-Paul and receive a chance to win a VIP pass to the Grand Opening Event of the MAISON OTIS!

Opening summer 2018

Opening summer 2018

Maison Otis – boutique hotel is thrilled to welcome you all to its Lounge Corp.O for the 2018 summer season, where you can expect a service that meets your high expectations. The Lounge Corp.O includes 40 seats in a sophisticated, trendy atmosphere that showcases the beauty of a historic building that has been completely restored. You’ll be able to take advantage of high-quality entertainment: enjoy a piano bar with live musical performances, watch the unrivalled talent of our award-winning mixologists, taste a wide choice of delicious spirits, champagnes, tequilas, and martinis, savour exquisite gastronomic delights, and take part in surprising, wonderful events!

Join us and take advantage of these new offerings, only available
at Maison Otis in Baie-Saint-Paul!

We are currently looking for a rental partner

Located on vibrant Saint Jean-Baptiste Street in the heart of lovely downtown Baie Saint-Paul, La Maison Otis is an ancestral home that was built in 1836 and transformed into an inn in the 1970s. Since its opening, it has been considered one of the best establishments in Charlevoix, for both its first-rate accommodations and its high-quality restaurant.

A jewel of Baie Saint-Paul’s tourism industry, La Maison Otis was purchased by Louis Chapdelaine in 2017. He has invested more than 2 million dollars to completely renovate the building and restore it to its former glory.

The project will include 25 premium lodging units (20 rooms and 5 suites). Commercial space will also be available for long-term rental for restauration, a performance hall, a bar lounge, etc. La Maison Otis is scheduled to reopen on September 1, 2018.

We are currently looking for a rental partner to operate a high-end restaurant that includes: VIEW DOCUMENT (pdf file)

  • A main dining hall with 46 seats that can accommodate a private area with 18 seats, on demand
  • 60 seats on a terrace during the summer months.
  • A large professional, fully-equipped kitchen
  • Parking spots available for clients of the establishment

Option: possibility of overseeing a bar lounge with 28 seats

Terms and conditions:

A 10-year long-term, renewable lease

  • Rent based solely on performance
  • Common expenses in proportion to space occupied
  • Every leasehold improvement will be financed and undertaken by the tenant and amortized over the period of the lease (open payback)
  • Opening: September 1, 2018
  • The business will be added to all promotional and marketing efforts undertaken by the owner (website, promotional activities, etc.) at no additional cost

For more information and to visit the site please contact Martyne Huot at (514) 945-1799.

[email protected]

Consult all available spaces – 5 documents

( in French only )